Audie is an artist and surface designer living in the Rocky Mountains. She specializes in colorful and cheerful painted and hand drawn flowers. Her interest in surface design began with an infatuation with vintage wallpaper, textiles, flowers, color crushes and the ability to turn her own paintings into something new. Audie is a self taught designer with an educational background in art and psychology. She attended college in Santa Fe, NM where she was inspired by the art community and the geography of the southwest. Audie received her bachelors degree in psychology at the liberal arts college where she had the opportunity to also take many classes in painting, drawing, creative expression and art therapy.

     Audie can now be found in her home studio in Lander, Wyoming where she paints, designs and continues to be inspired by the flowers growing in her own backyard. When she isn't in the studio, she enjoys mountain biking, traveling and reading.