For the ancient Greeks, nature and mankind were intricately bound. Many of their myths stress the need for humans to treat nature wtih respect and humility. Born and raised in the shadow of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, Evangelia also follows the ancient traditions of her ancestors in regards to nature. She finds order in nature's simplicity. She sees whimsy, joy and an assurance of life's continuance in the never ending cycles of day and night, season to season, the steady ebb and flow from year to year. In the company of nature and its non-human inhabitants she has found solace, peace and laughter which helps her navigate life's complications. When she looks at nature she finds unconditional love and magical majesty which is at once quiet but also will not be silenced. She draws on the world around her and the animals she meets to inspire her to create images. Beyond the fun aspects and antics which wildlife entertains her, she is moved to make her audience aware of man's often destructive influences on habitat. She aspires to subtly make the viewer aware of what we are risking but also offer hope that we will continue to grow as responsible caretakers of this magical blue planet and find balance within ourselves and the world we inhabit.